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Numerous researches show that cognitive and social skills can be trained with mindfulness, which enables you to act in a more flexible and resilient way. By practicing exercises from the mindfulness spectrum over a few weeks, social stress can be reduced and altruism and cooperation can be promoted.
Possible content of such a training or seminar ranges from stress and how to deal with it mindfully, mindful communication and mindful conflict resolution, mindful management of emotions, elements of positive psychology, to resilience training and training for mindful online meetings. You will learn how to use slowness and body orientation to better access the grounds of automatic behavior patterns and how mindfulness can be helpful for more effective self-regulation.
I'll show you how to integrate these practices into your daily life with ease and joy, and how you can better keep up with rapid change mentally, as well as personally, in the long run. Likewise, mindfulness practice can be used to learn mechanisms for coping with the stressors of working only in home office, such as depression, stress, loneliness, and anxiety, which are particularly on the rise due to Covid-19, thereby mitigating the effects.


VORTRÄGE ZU den THEMen Achtsamkeit und "NEW WORK"

New Work - what does is mean?

In summary, New Work describes describes the new world of work as follows:
•   Work wherever and whenever you want
•   Work beyond hierarchies
•   Work beyond the organizational charts
•   Work should create meaning for me and for society

Is it relevant to my business?
What can mindfulness do here?

If you need answers to these questions I will answer them in a compact and practical way for your management level, your teams or the whole staff! Let's talk on the phone about your questions, I will come up with a proposal that suits you.



My coaching combines the basics of mindfulness with classical coaching approaches.
You can strengthen your future skills: self-competence, competence for your cooperation and communication skills in the course of the coaching process.
My business coaching covers a wide range of mindfulness-based approaches to the workday and mindfulness in business. Upon request, we incorporate gentle exercises in between which you can practice at your desk at any time to help you find inner peace, strength and focus.
Empathically and unconditionally appreciative, we approach your specific concerns. You work out your burning questions with my support. My attitude is open, non-judgmental and reflective. I accompany you from talking into perception, from doing into experience, from the past into the present and from everyday awareness into mindful self-exploration. My broad spectrum of life and my colorful experience professionally and personally, support open and purposeful work. Common questions in mindfulness coaching include relationship and conflict issues with superiors, colleagues or employees, new tasks, leadership or change processes as well as questions of self-reflection and personal development.



Video conferencing and online meetings will continue to replace many face-to-face meetings as the pandemic subsides. How can you withstand zoom-fatigue, the exhaustion caused by virtual meetings, and act with confidence?In online meetings, the HOW is as important as the WHAT. What is the best way to get your message across? Which feeling do you want to create? Does clothing still matter online?
How can mindfulness help you get less tired, stay calm online, and counteract headaches or back pain? Together, we will train your online presence for more energy, focus and serenity.In my seminars and coaching sessions you benefit from personal exchange and immediate presence. If the framework conditions require it or you wish, my seminars and consultations can also take place online.
"It is not the senses which deceive, but the judgment."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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