My inspiration
My inspiration
My story
My story
My competences
My competences

My Inspiration

How can fulfilling professional life succeed? How can my job be more enjoyable? How do I stay qualified and on the cutting edge? How can I lead in a new way? How do I master challenges? How do I deal with conflicts? How can teams remain healthy and resilient? How can we deal with permanent change and transformation? How can a company be made fit for the future?

These questions are the essence of my numerous successful projects with business clients, companies and organisations.

My inspiration is YOU, my clients, whom I love to accompany and support on their way.

My Story

Growing up in a conflict-ridden home, I had the desire from an early age to understand how people can cope with their emotions and needs. With my first jobs came the experience that companies are just as "human" and that, in addition to professional excellence, the interaction between superiors and colleagues as well as the culture of a company play an essential role in its success.

In my consulting work and by growing in lockstep with my clients in companies and organizations, I feel having arrived at my ideal place. I look forward to meeting you!

My competences

"No mud, no lotus."
Thich Nhat Hanh