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My inspiration
My inspiration
My story
My story
My competences
My competences

My Inspiration

How do I want to live? How do I want to work? How can a fulfilling professional life succeed?For me, these questions are the essence of a successful career choice and conscious life design. Only when we combine our needs, our desires and our abilities do we create a basis for a satisfied and successful professional life. Often, these questions are not asked at all or only later in life. To work on this, I will gladly accompany you!
Mindfulness is a lifelong journey, it is necessary to practice it regularly in formal and informal ways, to experience it and to continuously integrate it into everyday life. My own daily practice is pure inspiration, source of deeper experience and vibrant energy for me. Sharing this with you motivates me a big deal.My inspiration are my clients, whom I can accompany on their way. To work in a self-determined way, to support my clients sustainably and to show them how to reactivate the power within themselves, that fills me with enthusiasm and makes me content.

My Story

Growing up in a conflict-ridden home, from an early age I felt the need to understand how people can cope with their emotions and needs and lead a successful life. With my first jobs came the experience that companies are just as "human" and that the interaction between superiors and colleagues as well as the values lived by a company play an essential role in its success. Having been a seeker for many years, I have dealt with numerous fields of knowledge. The encounter with mindfulness condensed all my interests into one topic and I decided to delve deeper into it. With the study of "Mindfulness in Education, Consulting and Health Care" at the KPH Vienna/Krems I fulfilled this great wish and can now enrich my work as a management consultant with this special knowledge and expertise.
In my consulting work with a focus on "corporate mindfulness", "mindful leadership" and "New Work" I feel that I have arrived at my ideal place, as evidenced by joyful and successful seminars as well as individual coachings with my clients. I am looking forward to working with you!

My competences

"No mud, no lotus."
Thich Nhat Hanh